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In the beginning there was chaos

Chaos was the origin of everything, the empty, the void, unfathomable space at the beginning of time.

Chaos was all that there was, the dark majesty and mystery of creation incarnate.

Chaos was the law of nature, order was the dream of man.

Chaos is what created us, we lived in chaos, and we created order as an illusion to distract us and cover up the reality of the world.

Human nature is to be afraid of the unknown
we create law and order to help us mediate our fear.

Our consumptive materialistic Modern society has disconnected us with our natural ways in order to continue the illusion of order.

2020 is a year of chaos, yet it is also year of clarity
CHAOS FOR ALL was born from Chaos, Just as the universe once was.

CHAOS FOR ALL teaches us that we must embrace the paradox that is chaos, embrace the unknown, rather than be afraid of it, so that we may truly live a life worth living.

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